Welcome Back to Yorkshire!

We launched this microsite to fill everybody in on a set of rapid changes which have occurred at Yorkshire.com since Monday 11 April 2022, when we concluded a deal to purchase Yorkshire.com domain and the Welcome to Yorkshire websites, and other assets.

Who is we?

Silicon Dales Ltd, a business originally founded in Yorkshire, purchased many Welcome to Yorkshire assets, including the name, domain names (including yorkshire.com), websites, social media channels, trademarks, business name, and certain other assets.

We have setup a new company, called Yorkshire.com (International) Ltd, which will operate the Welcome to Yorkshire brand, and other assets, including the websites and domains owned by the old company.

  • The new company is headquartered in York, at the following address: Tower Court Oakdale Road, Clifton Moor, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 4XL
  • Company Number: 14038811

What happened to Welcome to Yorkshire Ltd?

Welcome to Yorkshire Ltd, the business, was placed into administration on 1 March 2022, and will in future no longer exist.

Anyone with a claim is encouraged to contact the administrators:

Rob Adamson, Mike Kienlen and Daryl Warwick were appointed Joint Administrators of Welcome to Yorkshire (“the Company”) on 1 March 2022 and now manage the business, affairs and property of the Company. The Joint Administrators contract as agents of the Company only and without personal liability. Rob Adamson and Mike Kienlen are authorised to act as Insolvency Practitioners in the UK by the Insolvency Practitioners Association, and Daryl Warwick is authorised to act by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. All are bound by the Insolvency Code of Ethics.

The joint administrators requested that any queries are directed to their dedicated email address: welcometoyorkshire@armstrongwatson.co.uk


  • Anyone who was paying a membership fee should contact the Administrators, who should be able to organise full or partial refunds, as appropriate.

The joint administrators requested that any queries are directed to their dedicated email address: welcometoyorkshire@armstrongwatson.co.uk


  • Anyone with an invoice or debt to Welcome to Yorkshire Ltd should contact the administrators.

The joint administrators requested that any queries are directed to their dedicated email address: welcometoyorkshire@armstrongwatson.co.uk

What will happen to the domains and websites?

Firstly, we will not shut down the website – or any of the websites – in the short term.

Even though we are not collecting membership fees (we are not carrying on the same business) we will leave current listings online, and – as soon as possible – allow former members to update or edit their listings, add events, or post offers.

Those with current logins will be able to continue using them immediately to post offers, events and update their listings – we want tourism and other Yorkshire businesses to flourish on Yorkshire.com.

In the near future – expected around the end of August – we will be launching a revamped and updated version of the website, which will contain several upgrades; after this, new packages and opportunities will be offered to all.

Before then, we’ll offer bespoke advertising and listing packages to those who are interested in getting a presence on the Yorkshire.com website for summer 2022. Please contact us.

Former Members

If you have an existing profile you’d like to edit or update, please contact us to get a working access, or to request an edit to an old page or listing.

We’d like your opinion about how we shape the new Yorkshire.com – please reach out via our engagement page, to let us know what you liked, or loved about Yorkshire.com, and let us know how you would like us to enhance the Yorkshire.com website in future.

While it’s an email form, we will actually come back to you, and talk, person to person. It won’t be some 800 page feedback survey. You can tell us exactly what you’d like from the Yorkshire.com website in future, and we’ll do our best to deliver this.

New Members

Anyone who would like to buy advertising or open a new listing on the website, should contact us to discuss a bespoke deal to suit your needs – we can make you a profile on the current website right away; and help your Yorkshire business to hit the ground running.

What about the Tour de Yorkshire?

As well as Yorkshire.com and the Welcome to Yorkshire name and Trademarks, we also acquired some rights to the Tour de Yorkshire event, which we were concerned was destined to fall out of existence with the old Welcome to Yorkshire Ltd entity.

We are actively talking to key stakeholders with a view to saving the event; more information will follow soon, but anyone interested in lending their support is encouraged to reach out to us, also via the engagement page.

We’re particularly keen to hear from local, national and international business (and cycling) community; particularly those with an interest in helping us make sure the event can go ahead, through sponsorship.

We’d also like to hear from individuals interested in helping – those who were Tour Makers before, or even just people who’d like to lend some support.

Please contact us or make a specific request via the engagement page.

Whoever you are, Yorkshire.com is ready to welcome you back to our fine county.